• MV 1157: Classic Pocket in Peta print
    25cm length x 19cm height
    One front pocket and one zipped pocket inside. Permanent shoulder strap.
    Also available in: Bella, Ashlea, Chocolate, Aqua, Navy, Orange.
  • MV 1088: Pochette in Aqua, Navy, Orange and Chocolate
    30cm length x 16,5cm height.
    Three divisions inside and a zipped pocket. Opens with a magnet.
  • MV 1112: Overlap Bag in Orange and Brown
    30cm length x 20cm height.
    Two independent zipped pockets, one inside the flap. Detachable shoulder strap fastened with double button studs for extra strength.
    Also available in: Aqua and Navy
  • MV 1064: Traditional Satchel in Acorn and Burgundy
    39cm length x 30cm height
    Three divisions inside, one zip pocket on the back and one side pocket for bus pass / oyster card. Back straps are removable. Use as a briefcase. Opens with magnets. Ideal for cyclists on the move.
    Also available in: Chocolate and Navy
  • MV 1097 Classic Flap Bag in Aqua
    28cm length x 20cm height
    One zipped pocket and small pocket on the inside. Permanent shoulder strap. Opens with magnet.
    Also available in: Bella, Ashlea, Peta, Chocolate, Navy and Orange
  • MV 1091: Traditional Handbag in Ashlea print
    38cm length x 28cm height
    Two divisions inside with two zipped pockets and one small pocket. Opens with a zip.
    Also available in: Bella, Peta
  • MV 1140: Large Tote Bag in Bella print
    33cm length x 33cm height
    Two zipped pockets inside. Has detachable shoulder strap. Opens with a magnet.
    Also available in: Ashlea, Peta
  • MV 1036: Juli Bag in Navy
    35cm length x 27cm height
    Two divisions inside and one zipped pocket. Permanent shoulder strap. Opens with magnet.
    Also available in: Aqua, Chocolate and Orange
  • MV 279: Wallet in Chocolate / Natural and Aqua / Natural
    12,5cm length x 9,5cm height
    Various card holder sections,two divisions for notes and one pocket for coins with a stud button.
    Available in 20 different colours.
    Please contact us for availability.
  • MV 444 and MV 445: Wallet Purse in Ashlea print
    Available in two sizes:
    11,5cm length x 20,5cm height (MV 444)
    10,5cm length x 17cm height (MV 445)
    Various card holder sections, two sections for notes and a pocket on the outside for coins with a stud button.
    Also available in: Bella, Peta

We have a large variety of models, colours and patterns.

Please contact us for more detailed information.

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